Laurel Wire is a reputable supplier of high-quality thermocouple wires. We cut Thermothal P and Thermothal N, which make up a Type K thermocouple wire. One of its desirable features is its excellent resistance against oxidation, making these thermocouple wires applicable in situations where oxidation is expected.

What is a Thermocouple Wire?

Thermocouples are devices that measure temperature in diverse applications. It consists of dissimilar metal wires, which come together to produce a temperature measurement junction. However, one wire must be positively charged and the other negatively charged. At Laurel Wire, we specialize in K Type thermocouple wire solutions made of Thermothal P and Thermothal N wires. These are used in applications with a vast temperature range, as these can resist temperatures up to 500°C.

Thermothal P is an austenitic nickel-chromium alloy (NiCr alloy) used for the positive leg of the Type K thermocouple wire. Meanwhile, Thermothal N is an austenitic nickel alloy (Ni alloy) utilized for the negative leg of the thermocouple wire. These result in accurate temperature readings, making these devices valuable in many unique applications.

Benefits of Choosing the Type K Thermocouple Wire

Known as the “general purpose thermocouple wire,” there are many reasons to choose a Type K thermocouple wire, such as:

  • Can measure temperatures between -200°C and 1260°C
  • Small in size with fast response
  • Reliable and precise readings
  • Virtually inexpensive than other types of thermocouple wires
  • An output of -6.4 to 9 mV over the maximum temperature range
  • Optimal function in rugged environmental conditions and different atmospheres
  • Longer lifespan than Type J as in Type J Fe wires

Multiple Applications of Thermocouple Wires

The K Type thermocouple wire is one of the most common types of thermocouple-grade wires due to its substantial usability in diverse applications and projects. From food processing to power generation, this type of thermocouple wire is the ideal option.

Some of the most common applications include:

  • Food production: Exact readings are supplied within seconds, especially during cooking, freezing, or deep frying. Industrial ovens also need thermocouples in their temperature probes.
  • Furnace: Thermocouples can automatically shut off the gas supply in a furnace in case of dangerous temperatures, preventing fire hazards in the facility.
  • Power generation: In electrical power transmission and distribution systems, thermocouples are employed and placed inside a transformer to measure the temperature of the molten metal and shut down the unit if the temperatures are too high.
  • Automotive: From engine coolant to exhaust gas temperatures, thermocouples have plenty of uses to improve vehicle check-ups and maintenance.
  • Medical: The healthcare industry relies on thermocouples to measure not just the patient’s body temperature but also their blood or tissue temperatures.

Achieve Accurate Temperature Measurements with High-Performance Thermocouple Wires

At Laurel Wire, K Type thermocouple wire products made with Thermothal P and Thermothal N are designed to meet the demands of countless industrial applications. With their excellent resistance against oxidation, these thermocouple wires deliver precise temperature readings even in challenging conditions.

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