Laurel Wire Co. is a leading source of outstanding wire straightening and cutting services and superior-quality wires. One of our main specializations is non ferrous wire, manufactured for a wide variety of industries to support their unique applications. These specialized wires can be used in electrical applications due to their high electrical conductivity, or nonmagnetic properties. If you have any questions please reach out to the team.

What is a Non-Ferrous Wire?

We can provide various non-ferrous wire, such as brass, copper, and phosphorous bronze. These are made from non-ferrous metals, which are materials that don’t contain a significant amount of iron. It means they lack any magnetic properties. It also means they have a very low resistance to rust and corrosion.

More benefits of non-ferrous metals:

  • Recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and resilient
  • Malleable and ductile
  • Outstanding conductors of electricity

At Laurel Wire Co., we can deliver high-performance non-ferrous wire solutions that are designed and developed to meet your unique requirements. Rest assured, we can provide unrivaled results with all the desirable properties listed above.

Types of Non-Ferrous Wire Products Available at Laurel Wire

As mentioned, we offer phosphorous bronze, copper, and brass non-ferrous wire solutions. These are three well-known and commonly used non-ferrous wires due to their versatile properties and applications.

Our non-ferrous wire options are as follows:

  • Copper wire: Copper wire is a popular electrical component in diverse electrical applications. It’s inexpensive, has high electrical conductivity, and is thermal resistant.
  • Phosphorous bronze wire: Like copper wire, phosphorous bronze wires are also found in electrical applications. It offers superior corrosion and high fatigue resistance.
  • Brass wire: Brass wires are the go-to material for precision parts in electrical systems. It has low friction, excellent machinability, and can be easily soldered and formed.

Some of the Most Common Applications of Non Ferrous Wires

Apart from the electrical industry, many other demanding sectors with stringent requirements rely on non-ferrous wire products for their innumerable applications and projects. Some of the most well-known uses are as follows:

  • Telecommunications: The telecom industry employs thick copper wire materials as conductors to convey data and voice transmissions. It can effectively transmit electromagnetic waves from one place to another.
  • Automotive: Thin copper wire materials are often chosen as vehicle electrical wiring harnesses. These are more durable, conductive, and lightweight than aluminum wires.
  • Medical: Medical imaging equipment and systems require copper wires for their excellent conductivity. These are also present in other medical devices, such as electrodes, pacemakers, and sensors.
  • Aerospace: This rigorous industry relies on non-ferrous wires for specialized applications, including avionics and electrical components. Brass wires are commonly used for precision parts in aircraft and spacecraft.

Why Choose Laurel Wire Co. for Non-Ferrous Wires?

Laurel Wire Co. has been a trusted provider of high-quality non-ferrous wire products for various industries for years. Our unparalleled experience and expertise in this field have enabled us to offer customized solutions tailored to your project specifications.

Contact us today to learn more about our non-ferrous wire solutions. You can also request a quote, and we’ll find a solution based on your needs!

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